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Our second single - I Alone Can Do It (Featuring President Donald J Trump)

WARTOAD's debut single, a punkadelic cover of Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone, is out now - and it's as jolly as a Yule log!

Better still, 59 pence* from EVERY SALE of the single on iTunes or Amazon goes directly to The Passage - a UK-based charity helping homeless people transform their lives.

So PLEASE buy it now and get yourself off Santa's naughty list!

* 79 cents for you Yankee Imperialists in the US

WARTOAD is a group of musical anarchists from New York, London, LA and Texas who make punk rock music for the 21st Century.
Our debut album, What Rough Bests, comes out in January 2018. So there's that 'Toads

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--The ‘Toads

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