WARTOAD is a group of musical anarchists from New York, London, LA and Texas who mash up punk & prog rock to create music for the 21st Century.

The band is known for its “wall of unhinged, yet truly sinuous sound – combining swirling melodies with ferocious punk rock stylings*”  
The true identities of WARTOAD’s members are unknown, though their impressive respective careers have seen them play with everyone from Neil Young to Pearl Jam. Their debut album, What Rough Beasts, was released on March 13th 2018. As a live act, they deliver a chaotic, punkadelic maelstrom of psycho prog rock magic.

What the music media is saying:

“For those of you with a taste for garage punk, heavy psych, hypnotic riffing and Stooges-stylings, then I would say you ought to reward the band’s perseverance and bloody-mindedness with a purchase. All hail the Toad.” – David Flint, The Reprobate www.reprobatemagazine.uk

“WARTOAD are punk’s new spokesmen” --Tee-Total Guitar

“Fusing their love of classic punk and rock bands with sleazy keyboard and suitcases full of anarchy,  WARTOAD are Punkadelic and not pleased to meet you.” – T4C topfortycharts.com

“As a punk super group with a serious message about the seemingly unstoppable automisation of the world, I think their appeal is global” – Listen With Monger

Review -- The Lowdown Under 

Download the one page here

For more information on WARTOAD, contact publicity6@quitegreat.co.uk or call +44-1223-844-440